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Prada Transformer - Flesh, Mind and Spirit | Seoul, Korea

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This hexagonal block flipping over in mid-air, hovering over Seoul is not the alien robotic life form you are thinking about. And no, Megan Fox is not cruising with this Transformer in short shorts; however, this is the second phase of the recently installed Prada Transformer. As Miuccia Prada's Waist Down exhibition had just ended, the hexagonal floor plan is switched over to a rectangular one that houses seats and functions as a cinema. The new cinematic program, Flesh, Mind and Spirit is curated by Oscar-nominated Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (producer of Babel) and film critic, Elvis Mitchell. The films are a collaged collection of pieces ranging from 1955 to 2008, and each film will be scheduled to show three times a day on its designated day.

According to Inarritu, the selection was a difficult process; for him, the line up are "movies that spoke directly to [my] spirit in a gentle and luminous way...There are the ones that feed the flesh; films made with the pelvis... they grab your throat in a sensual and sensorial bombardment..."

Sounds like one hell of a heart-racing, gut-wrenching, exciting line-up if you ask us. Not all movies need to have Megan Fox running around in short shorts to be a sensory bombardment. The cinema schedule is available online at Prada Transformer, and tickets are also available for booking through the website.  Images via: Wallpaper

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