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Casio G-Shock - "Shock The World"Tour 2009 - Hong Kong Event Recap

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Last Friday, June 26 marked the second leg of the "Shock The World" global promotional tour by Casio G-Shock in Hong Kong. From its first event in London earlier this month, the world wide promotion hosts huge parties in 12 cities around the globe over the next six months.

Despite the cyclone warning on the night in Hong Kong, the party in the evening was attended by over 800 fans along with local and international VIP guests all crammed into the Cliq night club. It was evident that the party was filled with G Shock fans as most were seen with G Shock on their wrists and some even rocked the latest "Shock The World" Tour Asia Edition G Shocks.  Japanese DJ/producer Yasutaka Nataka (of Capsule) started the night off with up tempo beats followed up by live performance by Australian musician Quan (of Regurgitator) who got the crowd moving and turned up the heat. At the height of Quan's performance police rolled through for an impromptu check in the night club shutting the party down for about half and hour.

Guests left temporarily however the club soon filled up again once the police left the building, with the crowd anxious for live performance by Hong Kong's rap group 24Herbs and DJ Becareful (Subcrew's Sam Lee). The party resumed with an energetic performance by 24Herbs then it was DJ Becareful who kept the crowd moving long into the night with his fast paced party set.

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