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Campanas X LACOSTE - 2009 Holiday Collector's Series

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After having successfully undergone some great revamping in the past few years, LACOSTE is back on the map and bringing its fans interesting collaborative items. For its 2009 Holiday Collector's Series, the brand has turned to Brazilian design studio, Estudio Campana, to produce four very exclusive limited edition polo shirts for men and women.

The Campana brothers are constantly exploring possibilities of their concepts and are famed for using clashing materials for their work. Their designs for the collaborative series, like their personal work aesthetics, are based on their renowned Alligator Chair. 20,000 pieces of the polo shirt model with a cluster of eight alligator logos intead of the usual one logo on the chest is produced for both men and women. Other than this, there are two other limited editions- one inspired by Anavilhanas islands on the Amazon for men, and one inspired by Lianas vines for women. These are all crafted from a collage of various sizes of LACOSTE logos.

Last but not least, there are super limited editions of shirts which run in 12 pieces each for men and women that are completely made from a compilation of LACOSTE logos. These shirts are produced exclusively by Coopa-Roca, a socially conscious sustainable development organization of craftswomen and seamstress. Fans of LACOSTE and the Campanas, do keep an eye out for the collection this holiday. We will indeed see you later, alligator.


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