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Kanye West - Interning at the GAP ???

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Kanye West by Jazmin Million | Trademark by GAP

Kanye West by Jazmin Million | Trademark by GAP

With numerous guest appearances and his recent directorial debut on Drake's new music video, Kanye West could be, if not already, the Hardest Working Man in Hip-Hop.  Now, he might attempt at the title as the Hardest Working Man in Fashion.  Reported in this week's tabloid Us Weekly, West been interning at the apparel giant GAP's New York office. Sources told the tabloid that West " all the time, and one Friday night recently, he stayed until 12 am..."

No surprise there, whether it be music or fashion, West been known to dove in them whole heartedly.  He also wanted to learn the process from the ground up, hence this internship at the GAP.  As fashion designer Raf Simons mentioned in the March issue of Details, "He's very serious about it." in regard to West's interest in fashion.  In the same story, the artist proclaimed "I'm 31. I study now." Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this story.  Kanye West photo by Jazmin Million via: NY Mag

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