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Nike Basketball - W.N.I.K.E. Ad Campaign

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For those who wonder what retired sports players do, we can think of one possibility - radio DJ. At least this holds true for former NBA legends, Charles Barkley and Gary Paton. These two former glory players are now known as "The Chilly Dog" and "The Glove Daddy" on Nike Basketball's virtual radio station, W.N.I.K.E.

W.N.I.K.E is a part of Nike's latest advertising initiative to push for outdoor basketball and pickup games, and to connect with its consumers directly this summer. What you can expect to hear from W.N.I.K.E other than great soul and hip hop tracks that will fit like a glove on a hand to a game of pickup, is some great witty banters between Barkley and Paton.

In conjunction with the virtual radio campaign, Nike is also launching a new line of products dedicated especially for the rough conditions of outdoor courts. Some of the items in the line-up include the previously introduced Kobe's Dream Season, LeBron's Nike Soldier Air Zoom XDR III and Ultimate Pure Grip Ball.

Aside from the hit Nike radio station, the campaign also features print ads, television commercials and a Nike Basketball website where fans and ballers can get fun tutorials on how to trash talk on the court.

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