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Commune de Paris, 1871 - Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

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New Parisian label, Commune de Paris, 1871, is incepted with the concept of revolution to bring back humanist values and react against oppression, inequality and exploitation of works back in 1871. The label reinterprets historical values from that year into a range of apparel and accessories, reworking French revolutionary symbols into modern and refined clothing.

The label's Spring/Summer 10 collection was displayed at (capsule) and is a joint design effort between Julien Langendorff, Munchausen and David Herman Dune. A great collection of basic button downs with hidden plackets, printed totes, tees and wallpapers with meticulous portrait sketching and running motif of fire, the overall vibe is a little nostalgic yet newly energetic. It's rare to find a fresh collection to get excited about, so check their work out at Commune de Paris, 1871.

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