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Marc Newson for Lance Armstrong - TREK Art Bike

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As an effort to raise awareness for cancer this year, Lance Armstrong is bringing his anti-cancer art show, STAGES, to Paris on Jul 16 during the Tour de France. For Armstrong's comeback to the biking scene and Tour de France after his retirement in 2005, Armstrong will be riding a series of artist-designed bikes throughout the tour. His debut TREK bike is designed by bad boy industrial designer, Marc Newson, whose Lockheed Lounge put him on the map.

The debut TREK Art Bike is finished with a glossy black paint with bright yellow accents in LIVESTRONG colorways, the rear wheel sports a stroboscopic design that will appear to pulsate as the wheel spins, drawing connections between the bike and body- a perfect spokesmodel for an anti-cancer cause.

Other bikes to be shown and ridden by Armstrong include a bicycle designed by Japanese illustrator, Yoshimoto Nara, and everyone's favorite offbeat and slightly morbid Damien Hirst.

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