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Nike x LIVESTRONG - What Is A Chalkbot ?

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Similar to cycling, the battle against cancer is a grueling, drawn out process, but with a key difference.  While a lost at the course spills a chance at glory and fame, a lost against cancer means something much more dire with lasting consequence. And for those who experienced the latter, every form of encouragements counts.  Following the traditions of "chalking" personalized messages of cheers along the cycling race stages, Nike and Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG Foundation will introduce a high-tech variant at this year's Tour de FranceThe Chalkbot.

Developed in partnership with DeepLocal and StandardRobot, the Chalkbot in appearance is similar to an ink jet printer, except at a much larger scale.  The trailer mounted device is fully self-contained and pneumatically "spray" out either messages or graphics.    To usher in a sense of community, hope, and inspiration among those battling cancer, Nike and LIVESTRONG will utilize this new device to print out messages of encouragement along the 2009 Tour de France routes.  One other innovative part of this project is that any supporter could "chalk" out their messages with the Chalkbot from any where in the world.  There are 2 ways to do so:

  • Simply text "LIVESTRONG" and input your chalk message to 36453

  • Go to and input your message online

Those who submit a message will then receive a confirmation email along with the GPS coordinates of where along the Tour de France route their messages will be chalked. The Nike x LIVESTRONG Chalkbot will make its debut tomorrow, July 5th, during the second stage of Tour de France.

*NOTE* The spray on chalk is fully bio-degradable and uses soy protein as a binder. It will wash off

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