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Pedal ID x Transformers - Bicycle Figures

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Pedalmafia started as an underground website by bicycle fanatics and one of the highlights on their website was the Pedal ID. They had gone into programming an online software which lets viewers customize bicycles online. This 2D version of Pedal ID caused a cult following amongst the fixed gear bicycle community and 3D bicycle figure version of Pedal ID was born.

A fun project between Pedalmafia and Japan's famous figure/toy manufacturer Yamato commenced and they have never looked back. For the first time Pedal ID has collaborated with a major brand, Transformers in this case in time for the release of the new Transformers film. There are two 1/19 scale bicycle figures available in colorways reflecting the main characters Optimus Prime and Megatron. The remarkable details of the figure allows users to interchange every part of the bicycle like a real bicycle. Currently available at Pedal ID online store.

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