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A Magazine Curated By - Madsaki X Jun Takahashi

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Here's a deeper look into the new fantastic publication we have been discussing, ISSUE A#4 A Magazine curated by. For the issue directed by UNDERCOVER's Jun Takahashi, the designer seek out Japanese multimedia artist, Madsaki, who is notorious for creating uncanny and grotesque images that challenge our creativity and thinking. The feature, Intermission, showcases large scale abstract paintings in the form of murals filled with imaginative mythical creatures born out of Madsaki's mind. The crude yet meticulously detailed drawings of eyeballs and various organs are mixed with woodland creatures, donning fashionable clothing, critiquing consumer culture and society. The theme and style is somewhat reminiscent of Ralph Waldo Emerson's Transparent Eyeball. Check out images below and Madsaki for more if you can't get your hands on the magazine!

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