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Ryan McGinness - 50 Parties

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What we know about Ryan McGinness so far is his large scale mural-sized psychedelic paintings with repetitive whimsical cultural motifs. We know we could stare at his work for hours on end and still discover something new within the lines and fluid strokes. What we didn't know until recently was how creative this guy can be when it comes to parties. McGinness is hosting an epic almost year-long venture of partying called 50 parties. The parties span over 50 weeks and covers 50 different themes. While the first party won't commence until Jul 10, like anyone who wants anything done right, practice makes perfect; thus, McGinness held his first Practice Party on June 19th. Craziness ensued as deadbolts on bathrooms were broken, abundance of littered cigarette butts inspired future use of ashtrays. For the upcoming Party 01, the theme is White Trash BBQ with fun trashy contests such as the classic wet t-shirt contest and not-so-classic wet tighty-whitie contest. Sadly, this 50 Parties is super exclusive and features no strangers. Invite is printed on a black credit-card look-alike plastic number dealt out to friends to admit them and a plus one. If you are lucky enough to find one with an invite, you will have your weekends planned out for the next year; as for those without, you can always follow the action on the party blog, Twitter and its very own YouTube feed.

> Ryan McGinness

> Ryan McGinness - 50 Parties