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HUF - Professional Skateboard Legend Series

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Skateboarders have been known to be creative individuals with many professional skateboarders who doubles as designers, artists, musicians, photographers or even being all of the mentioned. Rich creative culture in skateboarding scene has cultivated not only skateboarding legends but individuals with exceptional talents and skills.

HUF has asked five professional skateboard legends for the Professional Skateboard Legends Series skate decks. The only restriction for the legends were that art work needs to be in black and white. Other than that everyone was free to do what ever they liked. The five legends include Lance Mountain, Natas Kaupas, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Olson and Mark Gonzales, who may not be known outside of the skateboard culture but these are definitely cream of the living skate legends. Each board is hand screened, laser numbered and laser signed with custom shape specified by each skater.

Also there is a limited white t shirt with all of the five skater's signatures printed in black on the front. Limited quantities are as follows and they are currently available at Huf flagship stores and online store.

Lance Mountain: 1/125
Natas Kaupas: 1/125
Tommy Guerrero: 1/125
Steve Olson: 1/100
Mark Gonzales: 1/150