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Air Jordan 1 + Phly - Brown Pack - Fall 2009

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For this coming Fall, the Air Jordans return to a more earthy tone with the Jordan Brown Pack. This collection of releases include two designs of  Air Jordan 1 Phat Low and Jordan PHLY Legend Premier. The Air Jordan 1 Phat Low comes in a Light British Tan/White colorway in distressed and treated leather with a black and white graphic lining on the inside. The Air Jordan logo is embroidered into the heel panel of the shoes; the Swoosh remains somewhat camouflaged in brown along the side of the shoes. For the other colorway, the White/Hey-Madeira colorway has the same tan/white graphic lining while the upper is a mix of black distressed leather with white and tan accents. For the last pair, te Jordan PHLY Legend Premier model, the kicks have an outdoor boot vibe with the use of material such as differently treated grain leather with corduroy lining.

For the Phat Low models, the kicks will be available next Saturday, Jul 18; but as for the PHLY Legend Premier, one would have to wait till the end of Jul to get them.They will be available for purchase online at Kinetics Tokyo.

> Kinetics Tokyo