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Core77 - Dutch Master

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Brooklyn-based industrial design magazine, Core 77, pays tribute not only to the burgeoning European bike culture in New York City, but also pays homage to Brooklyn and the small manufacturing culture in the city. Through a new bike project, Core 77 introduced a limited edition Dutch Master. Dutch Master is based on the workman delivery bike, specifically the Worksman Cruiser Frame, and is built in Brooklyn's Bushwick Bike Shop by KT who was formerly a bike messenger and infamous for her appearance in movie, Pedal.

The Dutch Master features top quality parts such as Brooks saddle, Schwalbe "Fat Frank" Cruiser Tires and hand-built wheels with DT Swiss Spokes. This bike runs in a very limited quantity of 25, and there is a week of events to go with the launch of the Dutch Master. For starters, those interested in learning more about the bike culture and the Dutch Master can pop by the Apple Store in SoHo on July 11th, and visit the Dutch Master on display at the Ace Hotel from Jul 11 through July 18th. If this doesn't make you wish you have a bike to join those leisurely pedaling through West Village on summer Sundays, we don't really know what will.

The Dutch Master by Core 77 - Meet The Designers
Apple Store  - SoHo
103 Prince Street | Map
New York, NY 10012

Event Date: July 11th (Tomorrow!) | 3 pm

The Dutch Master by Core 77 - The Dutch Master on View
Ace Hotel
20 West 29th Street | Map
New York, NY 10001

Viewing Date: July 11th (Tomorrow) - July 18th (Saturday)

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