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Oakley X LIVESTRONG - New Releases | Jawbone | Flak Jacket XLJ | Straight Jacket

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As Lance Armstrong gears up for Tour de France, a great number of collaborative lifestyle products have been released. Recall the collaborative Air Force 1 with Mister Cartoon, The Hideout Air Footscape Woven- Hamster Edition, and Brook Bicycle Saddle with Nike and Mister Cartoon..., just to name a few top of our heads. After all these new collaborative ventures to help fight cancer, we return to one of Livestrong's older partnering brands, Oakley, for some new special edition releases.

To date, the Oakley X Livestrong items have already helped raise more than $1,400,000 for the anti-cancer cause, and is still going strong with three new just released items- Jawbone, Flak Jacket XLJ and Straight Jacket. The new thing about these frames lie more so in its technology, which Oakley is well-famed for. The new SWITCHLOCKâ„¢ Technology allows the lower frame to open easily so lenses can be switched out to help athletes operate optimally in all lighting conditions. These shades are durable, light-weight, and come with custom interchangeable nose pieces for a perfect fit. The new Oakley X Livestrong releases are now available for purchase at Oakley.

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