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WeSC - Fall/Winter 2009 - Kazuki and Madsaki Collaboration

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WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy addresses their audience by delivering them the concept and products for "life after skate", working out in the industry as an interesting lifestyle/street fashion brand for intellectual slackers. For the brand's Fall/Winter 09 collection, they seeked out Japanese illustrator Madsaki, and creative director for Adidas Japan, Kazuki Kuraishi, to create two pieces- a knit sweater and a t-shirt. Madsaki's crewneck knit sweater and t-shirt features a complex symmetrical looking futuristic motif that somewhat resembles the transformers logos, and is distinctive of his graphics playing with lines and form. As for Kazuki's pieces, little graphic motifs litter over the black tee and sweather in grey and sometimes highlighted in white on the tee. Check out these collaborative pieces which should be available soon.

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