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Thomas Meyerhoffer - "Meyerhoffer" Surfboard

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Industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer who is known for his work with companies such as Porsche, Cappellini and Apple,  revolutionized the surfing experience and design after the world had spent 50 years using and looking at the same surfboard. After five years and seven prototypes, the "Meyerhoffer" surfboard had just been released two months ago in May 09. It is a surfboard that no longer looks like anything we recognize. The "Meyerhoffer" design was first born out of a desire to remove the unnecessary, and eventually it became the epitome of duality in surfboards. Rather than the usual dual tapered ends, the new surfboard has a rounded design in the front and a tapered, streamlined end. Meyerhoffer's new design meshed together the functions of both long and short boards as it combines the stability of long board but adds on the maneuverability and speed of a short board. Watch the video below as Meyerhoffer offers a deeper look into the design and explains more about his surfboard.

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