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Monocle x Roberts Cycles - Audax Bicycle

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English publication Monocle have produced bicycles in the past but they were mini bicycles primarily for town use. They are in the process of producing a full sized bicycle with British Roberts Cycles, which is run by Roberts family for over 50 years. Monocle have chosen to use the Audax series road bike which is perfect for riding long distance. The finished product will most likely be equipped with mud guards and lights which are necessary for official Audax events and the bicycle can be attached with rear racks for carrying luggage through the long rides.

This all British collaboration is finished off with paint work by London's Death Spray Customs who added gloss black paint job with white Monocle logos and yellow/white ribbon wrapped around the seat tube. Obviously the bicycle is not finished and it will be interesting to see what it will look like once completed.

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