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BAPE Store London Renewal - Preview

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As we had previously introduced the special commemoraitve t-shirts for BAPE Store London Renewal that is to be held tomorrow, July 18th, now we are giving you a preview of the physical location that will be housing these t-shirts. Here is a closer look at the clean white BAPE Store that will be situated on Upper James Street in London. The store front features neon signs of the BAPE logo, one original, and the other dressed in a Union Jack. The store is rather unadorned and looks like most of the other BAPE retail locations, with LCDs on walls and a glass counter showcase for some kicks. The store will officially open tomorrow, July 18th, and it will carry the brand's apparel, footwear and accessories.

BAPE - London
4 Upper James Street | Map
London W1F 9DG

Event Date: July 18th (Tomorrow!) | 11 am

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