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INSA X Nike Sportswear - IAM1 Journey Show - Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

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As previously mentioned, UK graffiti artist ran through the city of East London in 7 days, documenting his run with hand-painted pieces of feet donning Air Max 1 in 35 spots. After the video preview of the "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places", here is a closer photographic look at the images painted on walls through Charlie Dark's map. These images fit together to form a high definition stop-frame animation, which is one of the center pieces at INSA's major London solo exhibition. These painted pairs of feet quite literally runs through space and time in the animation, and as INSA rather aptly put, "And I'm not really much of a runner, but I thought maybe my artwork would travel around the city. My art would do the running for me"

Nike Sportswear 1948
Arches 477-478, Bateman's Row | Map
Shoreditch, London England

Exhibition Date: July 17th (Friday) - July 26th (Sunday)


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