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Forget Swatch. Geneva's other fine watch maker, URWERK, challenges us to read time with a new perspective through their highly technical and futuristic watches that feature new ways to tell time. The brand's UR-CC1 is the world's first production watch with retrograde linear displays. In layman's terms, time is displayed horizontally by two large cylinders: one for jumping hours, and a retrograde cylinder for minutes. Another interesting feature includes a digital and linear display of seconds, making UR-CC1 the first watch in the world to possess this function. In terms of physical technical details, the watches are manufactured with bronze beryllium and Mimotec's silicon with photolitography process to ensure low friction and minimum weight--thus, low energy consumption.

The UR-CC1 is available in two colorways, the gray/gold and black/gold, and each colorway is limited to 25 pieces. What can we say, changing one's perception of time is an exclusive and limited right for now.