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Louis Vuitton - A Journey Beyond: Chapter 1 | Featuring Sally Ride, Jim Lovell, + Buzz Aldrin

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Ahead of Apollo 11's 40th anniversary, an unscripted conversation between 3 icons of the American Space Program: Sally Ride, Jim Lovell, and Buzz Aldrin. Created by Louis Vuitton as the newest induction to its Journeys campaign is A Journey Beyond, where all 3 described their experience as modern day explorers to the most outer realm of mankind - space. In order to replicate the ethereal movement in a weightless environment to the viewing audience, director Frederic Guelaff and production house AutoFuss employed 3 industrial robotic arms, instead of the standard camera booms, to maneuver between the 3 subjects. For optimal definition, each of the robotic arms is equipped with the newest RED HD camera. The 20-minute film not only celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the 3 but also the accomplishments of mankind, both past and those yet to come.

> Louis Vuitton - A Journey Beyond | Featuring Sally Ride, Jim Lovell, and Buzz Aldrin