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Filson X Apolis Activism - Filson + Apolis Philanthropist Briefcase

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After Filson's branch into the mainstream through its recent collaboration with Urban Outfitters, the century-old Seattle heritage brand is giving back to the people of Uganda with the Filson + Apolis Philanthropist Briefcase. Filson's partner this time is Apolis Activism, which was founded based on a mission to empower people through opportunity instead of charity. This navy briefcase is made with 17.5 oz Ugandan canvas sourced through non-profit organization, Invisible Children. The organization and mission attempts to rebuild the Ugandan cotton industry from ground-up by impacting the entire supply chain. The canvas and bags are cut and sewn in Seattle by CC Filson Co. with the brand's heritage hardware and manufacturing process. The bags are not only charitable, but is also functional and sports unparalled quality. They run in a limited quantity of 200, and is now available online through Context.

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