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Bridgestone Tire - "Hot Item" Commercial

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Even though it wasn't voted as fans' favorite, it was by far the funniest commercial to come out of this year's Super Bowl XLIII (43).  Simply titled Hot Item, the 30-second clip by tire maker Bridgestone featured 2 astronauts trip-hopping across extraterrestrial surface, to the tune of House of Pain, in a sup'd up lunar buggy, that was till the tires were jacked.. But behind every great advertisement is a team of talented creative team.  And for this particular ad, there is Anthony Sims, who conceptualized the space buggy.  Currently a student at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Sims created several renderings of how the concept vehicle should look like.  A final image was chosen and then superimposed onto the actual film footage via: CGI by director Daniel Kleinman and production company Epoch Films.

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