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JanSport X HUF - Limited Edition Bags

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The trusted brand for backpacks which housed all our books through high school and college, JanSport, had collaborated with San Francisco-based HUF to create two limited edition bags. The collaboration fuses HUF's roots in skateboarding with JanSport's classic Westbridge and Snoqualmie models. The Westbridge backpack gets a functional upgrade as it now features nylon and leather straps for securing skateboard to the bag. It also includes a new 15" laptop compartment that will be useful for most. The Snoqualmie Duffle also comes with the same seatbelt nylon straps for skateboard, different sized compartments and a sealed-off mud room for dirty shoes. The design of these new bags are down to earth in brown leather and black, and will be useful and durable even if one doesn't skate.

These bags will be available starting August 13th at HUF retail stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other HUF retail spots worldwide. Only a limited number of 150 are available, so make sure you keep the date in mind if this is something you are hoping to get your hands on.

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