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Nike x SBTG - Varsity Bones Dunk High - 1 of 1 for Kobe Bryant

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When Kobe Bryant stopped in Singapore as a part of this 2009 Asia Tour, the NBA Finals MVP was presented with a 1 of 1 customized sneaker by SBTG. SBTG who became legendary because of his sneaker customizations on various Nike shoes, recently worked on a series of Original College Dunk's and this spin off is meant to stem from that collection. The inspiration was simple, College Basketball and this "What if?" scenario. The "What if?" plays off of the idea that if Kobe Bryant decided to pursue a college basketball career where would he have played, and the answer that we hear from Kobe all the time is, Duke University. Thus SBTG took this inspiration and created a 1 of 1 Nike "Varsity Bones" Dunk High in a US Size 14 for Kobe Bryant that comes in a special wooden box. via: STREEThing