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Royalefam Upcoming Nike Dunk by SBTG - Varsity Bones | Prison Blues

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SBTG and Royalefam will be launching a new series of Nike Dunk's entitled, Varsity Bones, with the first series being called Prison Blues. The Nike Dunk was celebrated in 2008 and Nike sent Mark Ong (SBTG) a display locker that featured 8 compartments along with 7 pairs of original vintage College Nike Dunk's inside. Seeing that one compartment was empty, SBTG was inspired to create a collection around this empty compartment, the concept is Varsity Bones, which represents a series of shoes that are inspired by the underdog. A number of fictitious teams have been created that are made up of the overlooked, the dismissed, and the forgotten; they represent ghost colleges and phantom teams that never got to play in the big leagues. Kobe Bryant was presented with a 1 of 1 Nike Dunk from this series that was inspired by the idea of "What if?" when he visited Singapore last week.

The first in the line of Varsity Bones is "Prison Bones" which elevates the craftsmanship of SBTG Custom Kicks that features a finish that looks close to perfection with detailing on this shoe that will not be surpassed. The Prison Blues shoe will launch on August 9th, 2009.

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