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Nike Zoom Sharkalaid - Storm Shadow - G.I. Joe Pack

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If you missed out on the Nike X Transformers II Pack, fret not. Nike is back with a new blockbuster release-- Nike X G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra Pack. The first sneaker to be unveiled from this pack is the Storm Shadow Sharkalaid--the personal ninja assasin and bodyguard of the Cobra Commander. These kicks with its white leather upper paired with black straps and red accents resemble Storm Shadow Sharkalaid in details. The Cobra Command emblem is sewn onto the tongue and the soles are translucent, keeping in line with the Cobra Command theme. The entire pack will be dropping over the next few months at the House of Hoops, and the Storm Shadow Shakalaid is due to debut first in mid-August.via: footlockerunlocked

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