Alpine Kogi BBQ Truck

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In the culinary matrimony of Korea and Mexico, we have discovered that tacos can house more than carne asada. One of Los Angeles' finest gems, the Kogi BBQ Truck, had grown to become culinary cult by itself with fans and toursists fanatically chasing the truck through streets of Los Angeles for a Korean Short Ribs Taco.

As the company's business grew, the company sought out ways to better their customer service and found an answer in Alpine. Alpine outfitted the Kogi BBQ Truck with a complete Alpine audio and navigation system to create a lively atmosphere for customers during their wait. The system allows staff to stream music from their iPod or iPhone through an A PDX-4.150 4-channel amplifier with bass supplied by SWR-M100 subwoofer and two pairs of SPR-M700 7-inch marine-grade speakers. An additional PA system also helps staff announce customers' orders. Follow the truck on twitter to find out where the tacos or. Or, just simply listen and follow the music.

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