COMME des GARçONS "Six" X Yayoi Kusuyama - "Room To Grow" Exhibition


COMME des GAR ‡ONS opened up "Six" as a space to explore the boundaries of art and fashion. For the month of August, the space and brand is collaborating with Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusuyama to showcase her work. Kusuyama is well known for her use of polka dots on a myriad of surfaces. She started out putting dots on canvases and walls, and eventually the pattern would spread to rooms and naked bodies. Kusuyama described herself as an obsessive artist and also broke the record in auction for work by living female artist for a whooping 5.1 million dollars in Nov 2008.

In the exhibition "Room To Grow" we see a peek of rooms dimmed and covered in dots that are accentuated by black light. The dots almost take on an organic form as they embed themselves into the room, giving the room a sense of life. The exhibition will run for three months starting Aug 8 to Nov 8, after which the space would be used for other exhibitions. Do take some time to visit if you happen to be in Osaka during this time! via: honeyee

COMME des GAR ‡ONS "Six" — Yayoi Kusama Exhibition
Fuji Building 2F Shinsaibashi | Map
Osaka Minami Senba 3-12-22

Exhibition Date: August  8th - November  8th