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K2 X Original Penguin - Winter 2009 - Limited Edition Snowboarding Pack

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We may associate Original Penguin more with the preppy leisures of golfing and perhaps bocce ball, but extreme sports such as snowboarding? Not until today with the help of winter sports equipment maker, K2 . Both brands collaborated to breathe new life and perception to their brands, widening their scope of customers.

In this collaboration, the brands have created a set of high-end all-terrain snowboots, binding and snowboard. This matrimony unites K2's cutting edge technology with Original Penguin's unique sense of American sportswear style. For the snowboard, Original Penguin looked deep into the archives and selected a range of classic Original Penguin prints and combined them into a montage of classic patterns on the board, which is K2's latest "Slayblade" board.

The board will retail together with the snowboots and binding in a limited edition pack for $950.00 at winter sports retail stores throughout North America starting Jul 2009. It's never too early to start thinking about snowboarding when it entails a limited edition board of a beast that will help conquer slopes with maximum speed and power.

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