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Palladium Boots

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As global tension escalates and technology hits a new growth spurt in 1920s, Palladium found its place in the world as the purveyor of high quality tires for aircrafts. The company grew until post World War II when the demand for aircraft tires decreased drastically, and the company decided to take their expertise in another direction--footwear. Palladium decided to utilize their experience and produce footwear that are as sturdy and tough as aircraft tires.

In 1947, the first Pampa boot was born and these shoes were so durable and hard-wearing that the French Foreign Legion adopted them for their North Africa expeditions. This season, Palladium is relaunched and will be hitting select retailers with a simple product line that contains variations of the original Pampa Boot.

One can expect to see a Pampa Oxford Lo, Pampa Hi and Pampa Baggy available in leather, canvas and suede variations, and all featuring one piece molded vulcanized rubber soles and toes. The shoes are simple and rugged in style and the baggy versions feature fold-over tops that can be turned out to reveal Palladium logos and contrast lining.

These shoes are also currently available online through Palladium Boots.