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Nike Sportswear X Grotesk - CO-LAB09: The Pipe Dream Team

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This season, Nike Sportswear challenged four graphic artists from around the globe to tap into their inner spirit of rivalry and a desire to crush to competition for CO-LAB 09. CO-LAB 09 is a collaborative project aimed to recruit artists to reimagine the icon for sports- the varsity jacket. The artists are given free reign to finish an entire sports package starting from assembling the team to picking a mascot and creating a fiery motto.

The first team to emerge is the brainchild of Kimou Meyer AKA Grotesk. The Brooklyn based artist looked into his city roots and formed The Pipe Dream Team which reflects all who are trying to make it in the hustle and bustle of New York City. In terms of design, Grotesk drew on basketball and baseball uniforms from the forties and fifties, infusing memorabilia such as old union worker patches and pins. The logo, flying moneybags, and mascot, a money bag ball player, all point to the ideas of game, overachieving and challenge; as well as how quickly everything earned can be lost.

As Grotesk himself puts his work in light, "Many of us gravitate to this city carrying with us big dreams and a passion to attain them...A rookie like me has to work twice as hard to prove that I belong. I wanted this team to stand for all of those who fight to make it."

For those who are looking to make it in the city, the jacket's motto "Hardwork Overcomes Mistakes" is a heartfelt one that weighs on the mind. If keeping the team slogan in mind isn't enough, perhaps Grotesk's imaginary arch rival for The Pipe Dream Team, The Wall Street Spoon Fed would strike an inspirational chord.

These jackets chock full of team spirit is available at Nike Sportswear locations nationwide this August.

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