UNIQLO X Jun Takahashi - Employment Ad

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Undercover's Jun Takahashi doesn't shy away from the crude and raw, but he repackages them with douses of humor and whimsical notes to produce enjoyable work. His recent work with UNIQLO to create a double page spread for the retail company in issue A#4 of A Magazine curated by adopts the same signature Takahashi approach to design. In this impressive "Help Wanted" ad, the designer urges creative types to come forth with a rally of "Need Your Mushy Brain", playing a pun on the words "need" and "knead". The sly pun of text is paired with a vivd image of the brain complete with veins floating in space, similar to sketches found in the designer's sketchbooks. An astronaut floats close to the brain, as if about to land on the brain like discovering a new planet. The ad sure explored undiscovered boundaries of creativity and human brain, those who are brave enough to answer the ad sure have a lot more brain kneading to do and live up to.

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