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Gucci - Sneakers Pop-Up Shop - Gucci Icon-Temporary

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In the past, we had all been witnesses to some envia:ble hi-top sneakers from Gucci as they provided a much needed luxury and mature sophistication some grown-up sneaker fiends seek. To push their market share and involvement in the sneaker industry even further, the design house has decided to opt for a very popular marketing scheme-- pop-up shops.

Named Gucci-Icon Temporary, the temporary retail space aims to garner more interest from urbanites whose footwear staples are made with vulcanized rubber soles. Gucci will be launching six or seven of these flash sneaker stores around the globe, starting out with New York City's SoHo on Oct 23, and branching out to key creative locales such as Art Basil Miami Beach, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Paris and Hong Kong.

The stores will feature 18 pairs of limited edition sneakers-- 16 for men and two for women; the sneakers will incorprate classic elements of design from Gucci such as the Gucci logo and red-green details; each shoe also has a limited edition label embroidered inside the tongue and comes with a silver or gold dogtag. Some shoes also have leather tags that can be customized with initials.

Other than the regular limited edition kicks, Gucci also sought out one of the industry's taste makers, DJ Mark Ronson to design a Gucci Ronson sneaker. These shoes will be introduced at every leg of the pop-up project and will retail for $500-$600.

For Gucci and luxury sneaker enthusiasts, look out for a large Gucci logo tagged in red on an all-glass facade flanked with red/green stripes on Crosby Street this coming October for some kicks upgrade.via: WWD

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