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Contortionist - Folding Bicycle Concept

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In urban cities where apartments are small and storage space kept to a minimum, full sized bicycles may be far from ideal. So many opt for folding bikes that are smaller and easy to store, yet they tend to be far from beautiful too. 24 year old designer Dominic Hargreaves recognized this huge problem and decided to tackle the matter with his own hands. Instead of making the bicycle with smaller components such as wheels and so forth, this foldable bicycle uses full sized components so that it looks like a normal bicycle when folded out and ridden. The key to this is the single arm on both front and rear wheels as well as having no chain. Hargreaves is in talks with major German car manufacturers to produce the Contortionist and on the production version, it should feature hydraulic system that will transfer power from the legs to the wheel. Click on the video here to view the bicycle in action. via: Wired