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Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) with LeBron James - The Design

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This past Friday marked the highly buzzed about release of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7). In this video, Nike's performance shoe designer, Jason Petrie, and LeBron talked about the birth of the shoe in extensive detail. Both creators revealed the technical and aesthetic concept behind the shoes that are the first basketball shoes to feature the 360 Air Max bag. LeBron was deeply invovled in the conception of the shoe and knew exactly what he wanted the shoes to look and feel like. His dedication to pushing the design boundary of the shoes can be seen through larger pictures such as color and shape to small details such as micro writing, the L23 logo and signature on top of the shoes. Check out the video to learn more about the shoes we saw unveiled live at Akron, Ohion.

> Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) Unveiled- Live From Akron

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