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Nike Sportswear X Loopwheeler - Fall/Holiday 2009 - Mens "Rivalry" Series

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Japan's Loopwheeler and Nike Sportswear had previously collaborated to produce some fine quality items with Loopwheeler's signature heritage rotating looms. This coming Fall and Holiday seasons sees a more extensive collaborative collection with a wide range of apparel featuring items such as sweatpants, jackets, hoodies and tees.

For this season, the brands focus on the use of premium loopback French Terry Fleece in their items. For instance, the mens AW77 is crafted from a heavy weight 460gram fleece produced from yarn that never comes undertension on the Loopwheeler loom. The resulting fabric is extremely relaxed and soft--perfect for the wintry season.

The theme of this season "Rivalry" designates the design direction for the pieces. The items are done up in classic sports colorways of green, grey, navy and whites, and feature either the crest of Loopwheeler Bears of Japan or Nike Sportswear Beavers of Beaverton. Other than crests, team numbers also play a part in this collection. Number 10 is allocated to Nike Sportswear for being the playmaker while Loopwheeler is assigned 24 to represent the number of revolutions per minute on one Loopwheeler machine.

Check out some well-made casual sports apparel to buff up your competitive spirit in sports this season. Play tough with uncompromising quality and perfection with limited items from this season's collaborations.

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