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Martin Margiela - Visor Sunglasses

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Remember stunna shades and shutter shades (as made famous by none other than the celebrated Kanye West)? If you do, we don't need to reiterate how sunglasses can be the testing grounds for creativity and also the forerunner of explosive innovative trends. These mono-lens visor sunglasses from Martin Margiela's foray into the eyewear department should prove to be the next best thing. These gun-metal tinted lens in a rectangular block is framed by black metal hardware take cues from performance visors and turn them into stage-worthy accessories.

Only one-of-a-kind shades like these are able to shield a true superstar from the blinding flashing camera lights. We don't guarantee protection from the limelight that are bound to follow these shades around though. These visor sunglasses are now available online at oki-ni for the stylish and courageous.

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