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ZOO YORK - Sky High Pro Series - Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

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How many ways can we look at a city? In the collaboration between ZOO YORK and Alessandro Zuek Simonetti we get two ways of looking at the city- from street level on the deck, and from above. The Venice grown photographer turned New York City transplant takes his photography work off the ground and into the sky, documenting street culture from an unexpected and far out angle, achieving equally impressive and immensely rewarding results. Quoting Simonetti's oxymoron, "From above we are grounded".

This set of Sky High Pro Series decks by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti features photography that captured the essence of New York City from an aerial point of view in a timeless black and white. Some of the landmarks featured include our dear Lady of Liberty, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge. These boards are already available in stores--nothing to keep you close to New York City's culture like rolling through the city on a deck that promises to ground you from above.

> Alessandro Zuek Simonetti