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Converse - The Converse Moonwalk

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When the Converse All Star gets rebellious and decides to turn itself inside out, front to back, it turns "No Good" and gets "No Star". Albeit the strange contortion, The Converse Moonwalk puts a smile on our face with its whimsical and defiant designs. Rather than having the lace hoops, tongue and lace panels like other good All Stars on the front upper, the Moonwalk decides that laces will look better on the heels. As a result, the entire front upper becomes one smooth continuous piece except for the extended heel stripe that now runs down the front middle. The All Star turns into a slim space-age boot with funny details such as a "No Good No Star" parody logo on the side and a "No Good" plastic patch on the front soles.

These kicks will be arriving exclusively at A.R.C this week. Boogle your friends' minds and upstage your basic All Stars with the new Moonwalk.

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