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After some very detailed and comprehensive collection of Raf Simons and Levis, oki-ni has hit up the big name of the sneaker game, Nike, for its third Archive project. Rather than foraging and gathering information from all over the globe, the folks at oki-ni sought a more personal way of presenting this archive by getting the help of an avid Nike sneaker collector and one of the founding members of Crooked Tongues and U-Dox, Chris.

This archive taps into Chris' personal collection that ranged from Nike Huarache Light from '93 to Nike Dunk Gyrizo from '08. Check out some exclusive limited edition styles and learn more about the shoes and how Chris came to acquire these kicks on oki-ni. Just beware of impending flashes of jealousy and desire to shell out for more shoes when clicking through this extensive and very personal showcase.

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