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What Is 230?

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In the course of one week, billboards, televisions, and the Internet were inundated with an enigmatic message - the number 230 in the form of a smiling 3-prong electric outlet. The massive viral marketing campaign have found its way on graphic tees on the streets of New York, to its own dedicated Facebook group, not to mention YouTube channel, Flickr page, and blog. So what is 230? Advertising trade publication AdAge did some digging last week and speculated it has to do with the highly publicized hybrid vehicle from GM - the Chevrolet Volt. However, nothing is conclusive since GM public relation claimed not knowing anything about the 230 campaign.

But the mystery will be solve tonight. The countdown has started and in just 3 hours, or Midnight Eastern Standard Time. A new website will go live to reveal What Is 230?

> What Is 230?