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Lamborghini LP640 - Versace Edition

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In 2006, the holy grail of speedsters everywhere, Lamborghini Murci ©lago was unveiled as a new and upgraded versions, the Murci ©lago LP640 at the Geneva Motor Show. This halo car has an almost mind boggling V12 engine's uprated power output, 6.5 liters of displacement, making the car dash at a dazzling 631HP.

While it seems almost inconceivable to make the car even more prestigious and desirable than it already is, a collaboration with Versace manages to skyrocket the LP640 to a brand new luxury standard. The Versace Edition first debuted at the Paris Motor Show 2006 in white, and now we found out for all you who indulge in superfluities of automobiles, a black LP640 Versace edition customized and now sold by Al & Ed's Autosound in West Hollywood. As there are only 20 pieces ever made with customized Versace interior and now only one with new spec such as Focal K2 Power Series 6.5" and tweeter component speakers with JL Audio 10" W3 Series subwoofers, for those who have $318,000 to spare and are dying to roll around in maximum style, be quick and pop over to Al & Ed's before it's gone. Seriously, this will be the car to make all other cars feel bad about themselves.

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