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Levi's x Ichiro Suzuki Collaboration Denim - Version 3

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As a member of Japan National Team in both 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classic, Seattle Mariners' Right Fielder Ichiro Suzuki provided crucial support in helping the team achieved consecutive Championship titles. It is also Ichiro's success as one of the first Japanese transplant in Major League Baseball that made him a sort of elder statesman among the Japanese baseball fans. A reason why when the first Levi's x Ichiro collaboration launched, over 600 people waited days and nights in front of the now defunct Tab Device boutique in Aoyama for the chance to purchase the limited edition denim.

Now in its 3rd rendition, the Levi's x Ichiro Collection Denim still exploit unique design elements not found in other denim. The Levi's Ichiro Model - Version 3 utilized a combination of raw selvedge denim along with hints of grey selvedge denim on portion of its interior. This gives the illusion the denim could be worn inside out. One of the rear pockets was purposely sewn on the inside, to enhance the illusion further. Other details include a special yellow rivet etched with Ichiro's jersey number of 51 and a leather tap feature Hiragana word of Su (す), as in Ichiro's family name. Comes with a cotton canvas bag also feature the Hiragana word of Su (す) on its side, the Levi's x Ichiro Collaboration Denim - Version 3 is now available at Levi's E-Shop of Levi's Japan.

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