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The Selby x Nike 6.0 - Fall/Holiday 2009 Campaign

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Todd Selby is known for shooting interesting people inside their homes, giving everyone a curious peek inside spaces where creativity is harbored. For its upcoming Fall/Holiday 2009 campaign, Nike 6.0 enlisted the help of Selby to photograph Nike 6.0 athletes in their homes donning the latest looks. The first up is Wakeskater Ben Horan, who is photographed inside his home in Nahunta, GA. Other stars in line for the campaign include Garret Reynolds, Mason Aguirre, James Stewart, Nigel Sylvester and Michel Bourez. These pictures are to be featured on both the print ads and a micro-site on Nike 6.0. Hang in tight and anticipate the campaign as it should bring a very interesting light to see the athletes indoors at home rather than out conquering the waves and slopes. via: Radcollector

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