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Levi's Vintage Clothing - Available Now @ J. Crew | Men's Shop | Liquor Store

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Even if you spend your next ten Sunday afternoons rummaging through thrift shops, we swear it's highly impossible you are going to find a pair of LEVI's dating back to 1837.

However, if you are willing to rethink vintage and buy them new, LEVI's dipped into their archives this season and handcrafted a collection of denim workwear with original techniques used in 1837. This archival collection features five different models of jeans and a 1920's denim sack coat. Here we have a look into three of their jeans, the Dead Stock Jean from 1967, 501 Brain Dead Jean from 1947, and Barren Land Jean from 1937.

Don't let the slightly morbid and depressing names fool you-- all jeans come with rich back stories that make your jeans so much more than just blues. The Dead Stock Jean is a 60's fashion icon as it is one of the first pre-shrunk styles with a slimmer fitting that is highly relevant today amongst the stylish hipsters; the 501 Brain Dead Jean is the quintessential LEVI'S five-pocket made from red selvedge denim that is hardly washed and is treated for an authentic finish; and last but not least, the Barren Land Jean brings us up to date with U.S history, being the last authentic workwear jean before clothes rationing in WWII.

All jeans from the collection feature a unique fit and wash, so there is bound to be something that fits your profile. Caveat: As these are handmade pieces, they are produced in extremely limited quantities, so there won't be everything for everyone. The LEVI's Vintage Clothing just dropped this past Thursday exclusively at the purveyor of all things fine and coveted- J. Crew Men's Shop and J. Crew Liquor Store.

J. Crew Men's Shop
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New York, NY 10013

J. Crew Liquor Store
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New York, NY 10013

Release Date: Aug 13 ( Thursday)

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