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Pacific Cycles - IF Mode Foldable Bike

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Usually viewed as flimsy and inadequate, the new IF Mode Foldable Bike is set to change the misconceptions on foldable bicycle.  Built by Pacific Cycles of Taiwan, the IF Mode is a culmination of 30 years worth of experiences.  One noticeable difference between the IF Mode and other foldable bikes is the lack of bike chain.  The designers at Pacific Cycles took pain to incorporate the chain and other mechanical components into the bike frame itself, so to streamlined the IF Mode's visual and more importantly, a deterrence against oily residue on the pants of ecological mind commuters.  Tri-spoke hubs further enhance the bike's appearance while disc-brake system, usually found on more expensive bikes, are added.  Weighing around 36 lb. and collapse to a dimension of only 40-inches (h) x 10.5-inch (w) x 26-inch (l), the IF Mode's innovative design won it the prestigious Gold Medal at this year's IF Product Design Award in Hannover, Germany.  The IF Mode Foldable Bike is currently available for pre-order through its North America distributor AREAWARE's online store.

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