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Burger King - FLAME By BK | Whopper Burger Scented Fragrance

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Controversy abound, from its hilarious Un-Pimp Da Auto commercials for Volkswagen to the provocative anti-smoking campaign The Truth, advertisement firm Crispin PORTER + Bogusky thrives under the constant pressure. It is its success, however, in turning around the simple fast food giant Burger King and halting its hemorrhage of market share, that put the once boutique firm into a major player.  Since introducing The Subservient Chicken campaign on both TV and the Internet, to its most recent Whopper Sacrifice, a Facebook only application where people have to de-list 10 of their friends in order to receive a free Whopper, Crispin PORTER + Bogusky introduce the FLAME by BK, a body spray that holds the essence of Burger King Whopper, giving it a slight scent of flame grilled beef patty.  To add a hint of realism, FLAME by BK is actually for sale at Ricky's beauty supply chain in the U.S. and RED5 boutiques in England.  An very interesting exercise in subversive marketing.

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