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Prada Transformer - "Turn Into Me" Exhibition | Seoul, Korea

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The gargantuan Prada Transformer residing in Seoul recently completed its last leg of transformation from a fashion exhibition to a cinema and now into an art space to house Nathalie Djurberg's "Turn Into Me" exhibition.

For the following 5 months, Berlin-based Swedish artist Djurberg is best known for her strange stop-motion animation. This time around, the Silver Lion Award recipient had transformed the Prada architectural marvel into a cave with undulating white felt and padded grey layers. The exhibition will focus on showcasing a series of dark, moody and sexually charged animation through a child-like perspective that will challenge the viewers' ways of thinking.

Accompanying the films projected onto two large screens within the transformer are the artist's previous sculptural exhibitions at Fondazione Prada that included giant caves, potato and two small whales.

If the description is a little too incomprehensible, it is perhaps best for one to visit the exhibition since a picture says a thousand words, and reality conveys even more. via: Wallpaper

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